Brunch menu

Brunch on Saturdays. Make table reservations from noon. Welcome!

Brunch menu
Malt- & coriander cured salmon, cured with beer
Mustard sauce with dill
Creamy shrimps with horseradish, dill and mayonnaise
Creamy egg, anchovy, potato
Rye bread
Airdried loin of pork from Nibble
Broccoli with herb vinaigrette
Salad with green beans, cabbage & horseradish dressing
Tomato salad with red onion and crutons

Pulled pork
Cole slaw
Steam bread
Roasted brioche
Poached egg, sautéed spinach & hollandaise
Roastbeef, Danish remoulade, crispy onion
Kimchi cucumber
Salted gherkin with yoghurt and feta
Lux smoked salmon, pickled cucumber & mayonnaise
Roasted Jerusalem artichoke, apple & rosemary
Mushroom bouillon

Farm cheese, fig marmalade, fennel crisp bread

Chocolate cake with whipped cream
Raw preserved strawberries with vanilla
Swiss roll with lemon & vanilla cream
Sour cream with rhubarb compote
Lux butter fried small pancakes, raspberry jam and whipped cream
Sticky toffee, salt fudge

330 kr

with a glass of cava 395 kr
Children up to 13 years 20 kr/year