Friday bag

Our Friday bag is made for 2 persons. Some is ready to be served, some need heating, boiling, frying. All is in the bag plus instructions. You might need salt, pepper, oil, butter at home.

Friday bag Oct 23
Small mushroom ramen with baked egg, wheat noodles and pak choi
Steak minute with green pepper sauce, haricôts verts and herb roasted potato
Lemon tarte with Italian meringue and raw preserved raspberries
595 kr for 2 persons

Pick up at Lux on Friday from 1 p.m
Order via
We make a certain amount of Friday bags now so order in time. We will confirm every e-mail (or, but hopefully not, decline because we are out of them)

Wine suggestion:
Ramen: A lager beer from Japan for example
Steak minute: A sangiovese from Japan
Lemon tarte: Late harvest, California