Easter table April 9-11, 2020

Malt- & coriander cured salmon
Dill flavoured mustard sauce
Sea buckthorn herring, mustard herring and herb herring
Boiled potato
Rye bread
Air dried loin of pork from Nibble Farm
Broccoli with herb vinaigrette
Salted cucumber with yoghurt and feta
Tomato salad, red onion and crutons

Pulled pork with steam bread
Roasted brioche
Poached egg, sautéed spinach & hollandaise
Roasted shoulder of lamb with potato gratin
Lux smoked salmon, pickled cucumber & mayonnaise
Haricôts verts with onion vinaigrette
Mushroom bouillon
Löfsta blue cheese, fig marmalade, crisp bread

Chocolate- and coconut cake
Rhubarb compote with roasted white chocolate
Lux cheesecake with jam and whipped cream
Sour cream cream with blueberries
Lux butter fried small pancakes, blueberry jam and whipped cream

375 kr
with a glass of cava 440 kr
Children 25kr/year up to 13 years old
Tables available from 2 p.m. these days.