FARMERS DINNER September 19 (another one Oct 24)

Meet the skillful farmers of Lux during a Farmers Dinner. These nights we invite our fantastic producers; farmers, cultivators, fishermen and hunters. Our guests are welcomed at 6 p.m. for a drink and a presentation of our farmers, their products and the evening’s menu, all based on the products brought to Lux by the invited farmers. As our guest you have the unique opportunity to ask our farmers anything you want and learn more about their products. How they are cultivated, caught, harvested and taken care of. You will experience our way of working ”From farm to Table”.

Farmer’s Dinner on September 19. We welcome Stora Tollby farm, Järing farm, Högtorps farm

Menu September 19
Crispy corn
Tartar of fallow deer steak, broccoli flower and lovage
Caramelized onion, crispy sourdough, spruce oil
Lamb in cabbage, nose to tail
Lamb steak, salsify, dandelion oil
Shoulder of fallow deer, flat bread, pickled cucumber
Fallow deer flambé with cep
Small pancake, rowanberry marmalade and pumpkin ice cream
695 kr

Suggested beverages available.

Stora Tollby farm’s main focus is growing many sorts of potatoes. With its mild, sunny climate and natural lime-rich soil, Gotland is a perfect spot to produce world class potatoes on. Stora Tollby farm grows 23 sorts of potato, harvested from June til October. Both early and late kinds and more rare kinds such as Asperges (asparagus potato), Amadine and Blue Kongo.

Andreas Wiklund also grows carrots, asparagus, sweet corn, cabbage, root vegetables, onion, beans, parsnip and flowers.

Högtorp farm’s products are made from wild products from our Swedish forest and meadows. They are refined in Högtorps farm’s kitchen. They make syrups such as fir syrups, queen-of-the-meadow syrup, linden flower syrup, birch syrup, camomile syrup, lovage syrup and more. The syrups are naturally made from wild, Swedish trees, berries, herbs and plants. Beverages from Högtorp’s farm are made from birch sap, wild berries, flowers and herbs. Oils are also made here.

Lena Engelmark Embertsén will bring mainly fresh mushrooms that she picked to this Farmers Dinner but also oils such as cep oil. Lena will tell you about the benefits of being an engineer in chemistry and a mushroom consultant.

The photo is belongs to Högtorp gård.

Järinge gård is 8 Swedish miles north of Stockholm. Annika and Rickard Björklund conducts the farm today. It is a farm that has forevermore been run ecologically. No artifical fertilizers are used. No animals are medicated preventionally.

There are approximately 100 beef animals, 350 ewes and 300 deer. The deer live wild in a large but fenced area of 160 ha. Beef animals and sheep co-operate in the pasture. 12 various herbs are planted in the pasture in order for the animals to eat what they like. Sheep and cows prefer different herbs.

During the winter all animals are outside but have the possibility to wind- and rain protection.