Meet the skillful farmers of Lux during a Farmers Dinner. These nights we invite our fantastic producers; farmers, cultivators, fishermen and hunters. Our guests are welcomed at 6 p.m. for a drink and a presentation of our farmers, their products and the evening’s menu, all based on the products brought to Lux by the invited farmers. As our guest you have the unique opportunity to ask our farmers anything you want and learn more about their products. How they are cultivated, caught, harvested and taken care of. You will experience our way of working ”From farm to Table”.

This year’s first Farmer’s Dinner is on April 26. This is what it looked like in Nov, 2018:

Farmers Dinner November 14

Crispy pumpkin, hen emulsion
Simmered leek, apple, chili, green currants
Duck liver brûlée, red cabbage, coriander seeds, black cabbage
Rice deep fried red hen leg, tomato
Red hen breast, roasted bouillon, turnip and smoked egg yolk
Chilled large rooted parsley, walnuts
Magpie duck, cabbage, gravy
Emmer- and honey ice cream, snow egg, crisp, bee pollen
695 kr
With matching beverages if you like.

On November 14 we welcome:

Rosa skattlådan (the pink treasure-chest) is a small family business run by Karolina and Victor who do beekeeping mainly but also breed Japanese quails. They also breed pheasant, wild duck and poultry. All birds have access to the outdoors throughout the year and eat mainly grains and fruit form the farm. They live their whole lives at the farm and is slaughtered in Karolina’s and Victor’s own slaughterhouse, without transportation and stress. Rosa skattlådan will bring honey, bee pollen, red hen and egg to this evening’s menu.

The farm Lilla Bjers is situated on Gotland and is owned and run byt Margareta and Göran Hoas with family since 1997. Everything is farmed ecologically, from strawberries to pine trees for Christmas. They also grow asparagus, potato, garlic, berries, emmer wheat, vegetables and more.
Lilla Bjers has a farm shop that is open all year round and in their restaurant they offer their produces cooked in a gentle and delicious way. Their greenhouse provides the restaurant and shop with herbs and plants.