Meet the skillful farmers of Lux during a Farmers Dinner. These nights we invite our fantastic producers; farmers, cultivators, fishermen and hunters. Our guests are welcomed at 6 p.m. for a drink and a presentation of our farmers, their products and the evening’s menu, all based on the products brought to Lux by the invited farmers. As our guest you have the unique opportunity to ask our farmers anything you want and learn more about their products. How they are cultivated, caught, harvested and taken care of. You will experience our way of working ”From farm to Table”.

This year’s first Farmer’s Dinner is on April 26. We welcome Ängsö Fish, Löfsta dairy and Stenhuse farm to this event.

Menu April 26
Grilled pike-perch with green strawberries and dill cream
Pike quenelle with white wine sauce and crispy nettles
Green asparagus with prima verde, fresh cheese and herbs
Cream fried burbot and ramson
Roasted pike-perch ”nose to tail” with asparagus and Löfsta butter
Löfsta Svea ”Bouquet garni”
Warm rhubarb compote with creamy yoghurt and butter fried sourdough
695 kr

Suggested beverages available.

The following Farmers Dinner are May 17 and June 27.