The menu at Lux Dag för Dag is decided after the freshest products. We create our menu after the best locally produced products, from farm to table.

We have a close co-operation with many local, small producers, cultivators, farmers, fishermen and hunters who supply us with the best products or catch of the season. Our menu can therefore change from day to day and can also be altered during an evening.

We work almost solely with whole animals to be able to offer a variety and because we believe in sustainability.

We hope that you will enjoy your meal and our “from farm to table” philosophy at Lux Dag för Dag.

Menu November 19
Lux chicken liver paté with toasted bread and cornichons 95
Swedish cold cuts 195
Tataki on red deer with grilled mangold, sesame and soya 190
Mushroom wonton with cress and funnel chanterelles 145
Cream cheese ravioli with langoustine bouillon,
pickled ginger and kai lan 160
Whitefish roe from Junkön with sour cream, red onion and toasted flatbread 180

Roasted savoy cabbage with a pea cream and tempura fried broccoli 185
Burbot with mangold, Sandefjord sauce and whitefish roe 275
Roasted pike perch with home made French fries and truffle cream 285
Pepper fried red deer with crispy artichoke, truffle potato
and coriander seeds 295
Wild boar with cabbage, garlic cream and flatbread 245

Sablé with yoghurt- and sorrel sorbet with raw preserved raspberries and garden sorrel 115
Baked chocolate with chocolate sorbet, sea buckthorn cream and chocolate crisp 120
Apple pancake with browned butter, maple syrup, roasted oats and cinnamon sauce 110
Scoop of sorbet 55
Cheese with plum marmalade 75
Chocolate praline 22

Game menu Wednesday November 20
Tataki of fallow deer, savoy cabbage kimchi and soya
Wild boar bouillon, dumplings, pak choi and green juniper berries
Fried fallow deer with spices, chili roasted game sausage, garden cabbage and garlic cream
Frozen apple, ginger and yuzu pear
600 kr
Only this menu is served on the evening of the 20th. Let us know allergies or other requiries.

TODAY’S SPECIAL during lunch at Lux. We also have a lunch à la Carte. Welcome!

w.47 (Nov 19-22)
Tues Crisp fried duck leg with chili mayonnaise and cabbage salad
Wed Oven fried haddock with hot coconut bouillon, broccoli and coriander
Thur Lamb burger with rosemary, roasted zucchini and rocket salad
Fri Pork schnitzel with green peas and tarragon butter


w.48 (Nov 26-30)
Tues Char sui roasted flitch of pork with ginger flavoured red cabbage salad
Wed Oven fried saithe with shrimps, browned butter and horseradish
Thur Meatloaf of game with juniper berries, onion gravy and pickled gherkin
Fri Smoked rainbow salmon with broccoli and capers mayonnaise

v.49 (Dec 2-6)
Mon Red wine braised rib with mushrooms and crisp fried pork belly
Tues Cod with cucumber, dill and mussel velouté
Wed Meatloaf ow game with cream sauce and lingonberries
Thur Haddock with white wine sauce and crispy fennel
Fri Black pepper roasted roast beef with leek and mustard viniagrette

v.50 (Dec 11-15)
Mon Boiled brisket of beef with roasted carrot and green pepper sauce
Tues Crispy European haddock with sauce tartar, lemon and fennel
Wed Tender fried duck leg with beluga lentils and ginger gravy
Thur Salmon pudding with beurre blanc and pickled cucumber
Fri Wallenbergare of game with green peas and lingonberries

130 kr/110 kr take away

God onsdag!

Wednesday February 6th, 2019 Blog

Facebook Torsdag 7:e Juli

Thursday July 7th, 2016 Blog

Har ni också sommaravslutning på jobbet snart? Ta med dig kollegorna ner till oss vid vattnet och kickstarta semestern på bästa sätt. Vi har öppet för lunch och kväll som vanligt fram till den 16 Juli. Vi ses snart! #Vardagslux

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Tuesday July 5th, 2016 Blog

En av favoriterna på menyn just nu!
Citruskokt fänkål från Stora Tollby Gård med spansk körvel, fänkålsdill och frasigt rågbröd. Ett måste på verandan! #vardagslux