The menu at Lux Dag för Dag is decided after the freshest products. We create our menu after the best locally produced products, from farm to table.

We have a close co-operation with many local, small producers, cultivators, farmers, fishermen and hunters who supply us with the best products or catch of the season. Our menu can therefore change from day to day and can also be altered during an evening.

We work almost solely with whole animals to be able to offer a variety and because we believe in sustainability.

We hope that you will enjoy your meal and our “from farm to table” philosophy at Lux Dag för Dag.

Our à la Carte is updated every afternoon (or earlier) under MENU if you want take away from that menu.
Call 08-619 01 90 and order and see you in our Walk Through!

MENU March 3 from 5 p.m.
SNACKS (not as take away)
Lux chicken liver paté on toasted sourdough bread with cornichons 95
Marcona almonds 65
Green olives 55

STARTERS (-15 kr take away)
Creamy chicken soup with truffle vinaigrette, cauliflower and ripe cheese 170
Swedish caviar from Junkön with cheese cream, herbs and crispy rye bread 195
Spice fried langoustine with salsa verde, tat soi and puffed rice 190
Tataki of fallow deer steak with jalapeño, white soya dressing and ginger 175

MAIN COURSES (-20 kr take away)
Grilled cod with lardo, scorzonera, sage cream and mussel velouté 250
Lupin bean falafel with hummus, chili flavoured red cabbage salad and coriander 180 Pike quenelles with lobster sauce, pickled cucumber, dill and pea salad 195
Medium fried fallow deer steak with shiitake, grape simmered scorzonera, crispy cabbage and pepper cream 275
Lux rib chili with steam buns, chili mayonnaise, pickled avocado and French fries 195

DESSERTS (-15 kr take away)
Simmered glass rhubarbs with yoghurt sorbet, roasted white chocolate and candied rose leaves 120
Raspberry bavaroise with fresh raspberries, verbena and almond tosca 115
Chocolate tartelette with chocolate sorbet, salt toffee and caramelized hazelnuts 125
Crème caramel with blueberries, raspberries and oat crumble 85
Scoop of yoghurt sorbet/chocolate sorbet 55
Lux chocolate praline 24 (20 take away)

Lamb menu with red wine tasting Sat March 13. Wine tasting starts at 4 p.m. and dinner at 5 p.m.
Lamb tartar with creamy truffle vinaigrette, ramson capers, chives and potato crisp
Roasted crisp fried shoulder of lamb with grilled chard, mild garlic cream and spring onion vinaigrette
Option to add: Cream fried lamb sweetbreads with peas and grated truffle (+120 kr)
Herb flavoured lamb steak with white asparagus confit, nettle cream and ripe cheese croquettes
Option to add: Grilled Geko (cheese) with timut pepper and tomato (+95 kr)
Caramel boiled rhubarb with yoghurt- and cardamom sorbet and cookie crisp
Menu without additions 650 kr
Wine tasting 350 kr

Today’s special (March 2-5)
Tues: Pork schnitzel with tarragon butter, baked tomato and capers vinaigrette
Wed: Boiled brisket of beef with mashed root vegetables, oven fried onion and mustard velouté
Thur: Grilled steak tartar with beans, parsley butter and roasted potato
Fri: Crispy fish with broccoli, sauce tartar and lemon
140 kr, 120 kr take away

We also have an à la Carte lunchtime with meat, fish and vegetarian dish plus a 3 course menu for 340 kr

Nu öppnar vi även tisdagsluncherna!

Sunday February 28th, 2021 Blog

Från och med tisdagen den 2 mars öppnar vi även för tisdagsluncher. 11.30-14. Husman den 2 mars blir Fläskschnitzel med dragonsmör, bakad tomat och kaprisviniagrette. Vi har även vår à la carte med förrätter, andra varmrätter, desserter och vår 3-rätters Luxlunch för 340 kr. Varmt välkomna!

Fredagspåsen den 22 jan

Monday January 18th, 2021 Blog

Fredagspåsen 22 januari
Ört- och chilistekta king prawns med vitlöksbröd
Konfiterad och frasstekt lammbog med jordärtskocksgratäng, sydfranska grönsaker och svartpepparmajonnäs
Chokladmousse med saltkola, kanderade nötter och aprikos
350 kr per person. Påsen packas för 2 personer.

Hämtas på fredagen på Lux efter kl.13.
Beställ via Vi svarar på alla mail och bekräftar beställningen (alternativt låter er veta att den är slut).

Nyårspåsen slutsåld

Sunday December 27th, 2020 Blog

Tack alla som köpt B.A.R.s Nyårspåse. Nu är den tyvärr slutsåld. Ni som köpt kan hämta upp den 30 dec kl.12-13. Vi önskar er ett Gott nytt år!