The menu at Lux Dag för Dag is decided after the freshest products. We create our menu after the best locally produced products, from farm to table.

We have a close co-operation with many local, small producers, cultivators, farmers, fishermen and hunters who supply us with the best products or catch of the season. Our menu can therefore change from day to day and can also be altered during an evening.

We work almost solely with whole animals to be able to offer a variety and because we believe in sustainability.

We hope that you will enjoy your meal and our “from farm to table” philosophy at Lux Dag för Dag.

Menu January 17

Grilled wild duck with green cabbage, chimichurri and coriander 125
Fallow deer tataki with savoy cabbage kimchi and soya dressing 175
Swedish caviar tartlette, Jerusalem artichoke and lemon thyme 205
Chicken liver paté and cold cuts 95/225
Grilled mushrooms with grey peas, rosemary and browned butter 135

Lux fish and chips with truffle emulsion, currants and horseradish 255
Beef Rydberg on fallow deer with roasted jerusalem artichocke and tarragon mayonnaise 255
Ras el hanout fried wild duck with chili roasted cabbage and syrup 235
Crispy Jerusalem artichoke with broccoli cream, ripe cheese and grilled lemon 185

Apple pancake with browned butter, syrup and pecan nuts 115
Punsch baba with cloudberries and vanilla cream 130
Raspberry sorbet with pistachio parfait and caramelised nuts 105
Raspberry sorbet 55
Chocolate praline 24
Lemon fudge 10
Cheese 75

Valentine’s menu served February 14 and 15 (only this menu is served these evenings)
Swedish caviar tartlette with Jerusalem artichoke and lemon thyme
Roasted cod with langoustine, artichoke and spinach ravioli
Rhubarb dessert with Italian meringue and rose leaves
695 kr

TODAY’S SPECIAL during lunch at Lux. We also have a lunch à la Carte. Welcome!

w.3 (Jan 14-17)
Tues: Brisket of beef with carrot, scallion and butter bouillon
Wed: Salmon pudding with beurre blanc and pickled cucumber
Thur: Lamb burger with tomato sauce, beans, broccoli and viniagrette
Fri: Crispy fish with roasted cauliflower, lemon mayonnaise and capers

w.4 (Jan 21-24)
Tues: Red wine braised rib with mushrooms, flitch of pork and pickled onion
Wed: Saithe with egg, shrimps and horseradish
Thur: Roasted chicken leg with curry, coconut milk, broccoli and rice
Fri: Salmon burger with coriander, chili mayonnaise and ginger flavoured red cabbage

130 kr/110 kr take away

God onsdag!

Wednesday February 6th, 2019 Blog

Facebook Torsdag 7:e Juli

Thursday July 7th, 2016 Blog

Har ni också sommaravslutning på jobbet snart? Ta med dig kollegorna ner till oss vid vattnet och kickstarta semestern på bästa sätt. Vi har öppet för lunch och kväll som vanligt fram till den 16 Juli. Vi ses snart! #Vardagslux

Facebook Tisdag 5:e Juli

Tuesday July 5th, 2016 Blog

En av favoriterna på menyn just nu!
Citruskokt fänkål från Stora Tollby Gård med spansk körvel, fänkålsdill och frasigt rågbröd. Ett måste på verandan! #vardagslux