The menu at Lux Dag för Dag is decided after the freshest products. We create our menu after the best locally produced products, from farm to table.

We have a close co-operation with many local, small producers, cultivators, farmers, fishermen and hunters who supply us with the best products or catch of the season. Our menu can therefore change from day to day and can also be altered during an evening.

We work almost solely with whole animals to be able to offer a variety and because we believe in sustainability.

We hope that you will enjoy your meal and our “from farm to table” philosophy at Lux Dag för Dag.

Our à la Carte is updated every afternoon under MENU if you want take away from that menu.
Call 08-619 01 90 and order and see you in our Walk Through!

DINNER MENU September 19 from 5 p.m.

STARTERS (-15 kr take away)
BBQ smoked flitch of pork with crispy potato, sage and tomato 145
Browned butter baked cauliflower with curry vinaigrette and furikake 125
Grilled red deer fillet with ponzu, green juniper berries and cep 170
Grilled chard with smoked pike-perch, lemon vinaigrette and salt roasted almonds 155

MAIN COURSES (-20 kr take away)
Pike-perch from Ängsö with shiso cress, parsley cream, scorzonera and beurre blanc 245
Grilled red deer steak with butter baked beetroot, green juniper berries, lardo and roasted Jerusalem artichoke 275
Quenelles of Ängsö pike with crayfish sauce, dill and zucchini 195
Herb grilled BBQ pork with Jerusalem gratin, gravy and haricôts verts 195
Risotto with roasted corn, beans, ripe Unika cheese and parsley 180

DESSERTS (-15 kr take away)
American apple pancake with maple syrup, browned butter, caramelized nuts and vanilla ice cream 120
Sweetened cloudberries with punch ice cream and honey crisp 125
Raspberries from Stenhuse farm with raspberry sorbet, almond sponge cake and caramelized pumpkin seeds 115
Scoop of vanilla ice cream/punch ice cream/raspberry sorbet 55
Chocolate praline 24 (20 kr take away)

TODAY’S SPECIAL during lunch at Lux. We also have a lunch à la Carte. Welcome!

w.39 Sep 32-25
Wed: Spice braised rib with roasted carrots, pickled beets and parsley
Thur: Lux smoked salmon with horseradish dressing, potato salad and pickled cucumber
Fri: Beef burger with onion gravy, potato puré and lingonberries

130 kr/110 kr take away

Beställ i tid

Monday September 7th, 2020 Blog

Nu provar vi att göra ett visst antal Fredagspåsar så nu är det först till kvarn innan de tar slut. Förhoppningsvis får alla men det kan ta slut. Beställ via Vi bekräftar alla mail (alternativt, men förhoppningsvis inte, meddelar vi att de är slut för den fredagen). Till fredag den 11 september består påsen av:

Asiatisk laxtartar med sojamajonnäs, puffat ris & kimchi gurka
Ugnsstekt torsk med musselvelouté, dill- & kapriskryddad zucchini & färskpotatis
Amerikansk äppelpannkaka med lönnsirap, brynt smör & karamelliserade nötter
595 kr för 2 pers

Bartömning tors-fre 9-10 juli

Sunday July 5th, 2020 Blog

Sista öppna veckan innan sommaruppehållet. Lux har öppet tors-fre kväll (9-10 juli) med bartömning och middag. Albina med flera finns på plats och guidar er! Boka bord från kl.17

Beställ skaldjur till fredag 3 juli

Tuesday June 30th, 2020 Blog

Skaldjurspåse för 2 personer
2 halv hummer
4 havskräftor
300 g rökta räkor
300 g färska räkor
2 halv krabba
750 kr inklusive bröd, citron och majonnäs

Beställ senast onsdag kl.20 och hämta på fredagen från kl.16 (vi har öppet hela kvällen sedan).
Maila din beställning till