Brunch menu

Brunch on Saturdays. Make table reservations from noon. Welcome!

NEXT BRUNCH IS SERVED on May 15 and 22.

We serve our brunch by the table now:

First serving:
Rye bread
Dill- and fennel cured salmon with mustard sauce
Creamy shrimps with dill
Roasted green asparagus with onion vinaigrette
Lux smoked rainbow salmon with pickled cucumber and mayonnaise
Mushroom soup with chives

Second serving:
Choose between:
Roasted brioche with spice fried pork, Danish remoulad, crispy onion & French fries
Roasted brioche with poached egg, sautéed spinach, hollandaise & French fries
Spice grilled primeur carrots “ras el hanout” with mashed new potato, citrus yoghurt and fresh garlic

Third serving:
Lemon- and poppy seed cake with lemon curd
Chocolate mousse with marcona almonds, salt toffe sauce
Crème brûlée with raspberries

350 kr
with a glass of cava 425 kr

Children 7-12 years old:
Vegetables, chips and dip
Meatballs, lingonberries and cream sauce
Chocolate sorbet, toffee sauce and meringues
150 kr

For the youngest, ask us.